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ELEN2000 Electrical Circuits CMPE2001 Foundations of Digital Design MATH2007 Mathematics and Probability Theory CSEN3000 Civil Engineering Project and Cost Management CSEN4002 Integrated Design and Construction 2 CSEN4003 Civil Engineering Practices, Quality and Legislation CSEN4005 Precast Concrete Design and Construction CVEN2000 Civil Engineering Drawing and Surveying CVEN3002 Hydraulics and Hydrology CVEN4003 Civil Engineering Research Project 1 CVEN4004 Civil Engineering Research Project 2 CVEN4005 Advanced Hydraulics and Hydrology ENEN2000 Engineering Sustainable Development ENEN4005 Water and Environmental Engineering ENGR2000 Fluid Mechanics GEOT2000 Principles of Geomechanics GEOT3002 Geotechnical Engineering Analysis GEOT3003 Geotechnical Engineering for Foundations GEOT4002 Geotechnical Design and Modelling Optional Units to Select from in Year 4 Semester 1 Optional Units to Select from in Year 4 Semester 2 STEN2002 Civil Engineering Materials STEN2004 Structural Mechanics STEN2005 Structural Analysis of Determinate Structures STEN2006 Structural Analysis of Indeterminate Structures STEN3003 Advanced Structural Analysis STEN3004 Structural Actions and Steel Design STEN3005 Reinforced Concrete Design STEN4003 Integrated Structural Design STEN4004 Advanced Structural Modelling STEN4005 Advanced Concrete Design and Construction STEN4006 Structural Dynamics STEN4007 Sustainability and Durability of Concrete Structures TREN3001 Transportation Engineering and Earthworks TREN4002 Traffic and Road Pavement Engineering WSEN2000 Water Quality and Resources Engineering MINE3003 Rock Breakage MINE3004 Mining Geomechanics MINE3005 Mining Systems MINE3006 Mine Planning MINE3007 Underground Mining Systems MINE3008 Mine Ventilation MINE3009 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining MINE3010 Resource Estimation MINE4005 Surface Mining Systems MINE4006 Mine Management GEOL1000 Geological Principles GEOL2002 Resource and Structural Geology MATH2006 Mathematics and Statistics MINE2001 Mining and Metallurgy MINE2002 Mechanics of Solids MINE4000 Mining Research Project 1 MINE4001 Mining Research Project 2 MINE4002 Hard Rock Mine Design and Feasibility MINE4003 Advanced Mine Geotechnical Engineering MINE4004 Coal Mine Design and Feasibility MINE4007 Advanced Mine Ventilation MINE4008 Mine Asset Management and Services MINE4009 Mine Geotechnical Engineering PRRE2000 Thermofluids PRRE2002 Metallurgical Processes and Materials Handling SPAT2011 Mine Surveying and Geographic Information Systems CMPE2004 Advanced Engineering Programming ELEN2001 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Energy Conversion ETEN2001 Electronic Fundamentals CMPE2003 Microcomputers ETEN2000 Signal and Systems ETEN3001 Control Systems ELEN3001 Power System Analysis ELEN3000 Electrical Machines and Stability ELEN3004 Renewable Energy Principles ETEN3003 Power Electronics ELEN3003 Power System Protection MGMT3000 Engineering Management EEET4000 Engineering Research Project 1 ETEN4000 Power Electronics and Drives ENEN2000 Engineering Sustainable Development BLAW2000 Law for Engineers EEET4001 Engineering Research Project 2 ETEN4001 Instrumentation and Control ELEN4001 Electric Power Transmission and Distribution ELEN3002 Engineering Electromagnetics CMPE3001 Embedded Systems Engineering CMPE4000 Microprocessors ELEN4000 Renewable Energy Systems ELEN4005 Introduction to Smart Grid Control ETEN3000 Digital Signal Processing COMP1001 Object Oriented Program Design COMP1002 Data Structures and Algorithms COMP2001 Foundations of Computer Science ISAD1000 Introduction to Software Engineering ISEC2000 Fundamental Concepts of Cryptography COMP2003 Object Oriented Software Engineering ISYS1001 Database Systems COMP2004 Computer Graphics COMT3000 Communications Engineering Fundamentals ETEN3002 Electronic Design COMP3001 Design and Analysis of Algorithms COMP3006 Artificial and Machine Intelligence COMT3001 Advanced Communications Engineering CMPE3006 Advanced Digital Design COMT4001 Communications Signal Processing COMP2006 Operating Systems CMPE3000 Data Communications and Networking COMT4003 Mobile Radio Communications COMP3002 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science MATH2012 Engineering Mathematics MXEN2002 Mechatronics Microcontroller Project MCEN2003 Machine Dynamics COMP1000 Unix and C Programming MXEN2001 Linear Signals and Systems MXEN2000 Mechatronics Modelling Project MCEN2005 Engineering Graphics MXEN3002 Mechatronics Automation Project MXEN3003 Design of Mechanical Components MXEN3004 Dynamic Modelling and Control MXEN3000 Mechatronics Design Project MXEN3001 Manufacturing for Mechatronics MXEN4000 Mechatronic Engineering Research Project 1 MXEN4001 Mechatronic Systems Design MXEN4002 Mechatronic Engineering Research Project 2 MCEN4010 Professional Engineering Practice MCEN4012 Sustainable Energy Systems and Technologies MCEN4011 Engineering Design Methodology MCEN4003 Vibration CMPE3007 Embedded Software Engineering MCEN4009 Engineering Noise Control MXEN4003 Automatic Control MCEN4000 Design For Manufacturing CMPE3005 Foundations of Computer Engineering COMP3000 Real-Time Operating Systems CMPE4003 Computer Structures COMP4002 Software Components ISEC3003 Cyber Security Concepts NPSC5000 Science Masters Research Methodologies COMP6001 Computer Science Project 1 COMP6002 Computer Science Project COMP5000 Project in Computer Science ISEC5002 Introduction to Cryptography ISEC5003 Distributed Computing Security Issues ISEC5005 Advanced Cyber Security Concepts ICTE4000 Human Computer Interface CMPE4001 Software Engineering Testing ISAD4002 Software Metrics COMP5001 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science COMP5002 Systems Programming and Design COMP5003 Computer Science Technologies COMP5004 Advanced Computing Topics ISEC5004 Computer Security Client Based Program Development COMP4001 Machine Perception CNCO4000 Computer Science Topics ISEC5000 Computer Security Project ISEC5001 Intrusion Detection System and Incident Handling ISYS6011 Computer Forensics CMPE6003 Advanced Microcomputers CMPE6004 Computer Structures STRP-TELNT Telecommunications and Networking Stream (MEngSc ElectricalEng) STRP-EMPWS Emerging Power Systems Stream (MEngSc ElectricalEng) STRP-EMBSY Embedded Systems Stream (MEngSc ElectricalEng) ELEN6011 Engineering Research Design Project 1 ELEN6012 Engineering Research Design Project 2 ELEN6004 Power Systems Engineering ELEN6006 Power Systems Management and Automation ELEN6002 Electrical Utility Research Project 1 ELEN6007 Power Systems Dynamics and Control ELEN6008 Advanced Power Systems Engineering ELEN6005 Transmission and Distribution Networks ELEN6000 Selected Topics in Electrical Utility Engineering ELEN6003 Electrical Utility Research Project 2 CMPE1000 Hardware Fundamentals CMPE2000 Data Communications and Network Management CMPE3002 Computer Technology Project 1 CMPE3003 Computer Technology Project 2 CMPE3004 Network Engineering CNCO3000 Distributed Networks CNCO3001 Network Systems Design CNCO3002 Advanced Computer Communications COMP2000 Computer Systems COMS1000 Science Communications COMT3002 Wireless Data Networks ELEN2002 Transmission and Interface Design ETEN1000 Electronics ISEC2001 Fundamental Concepts of Data Security ISEC3002 Penetration Testing and Defence ISEC3004 Cyber Crime and Security Enhanced Programming ISEC3005 Cyber Security- Intrusion Detection System and Incident Handling ISYS2012 Information Security MATH1015 Linear Algebra 1 MATH1016 Calculus 1 ICTE6001 Business Professional Practice 1 ISYS5001 Business Project Management ISYS5004 Information Systems Implementation ISYS5005 Information Security Management ISYS5006 Information Systems Service Management ISYS6002 Information Systems Service Operations ISYS6003 Business Enterprise Systems ISYS6004 Green Information Technology and Sustainability ISYS6009 Enterprise Network Security ISYS6013 Data Mining and Business Intelligence ISYS6014 Knowledge Management and Intelligent Systems ISYS6017 Information Systems Dissertation 1 MGMT5003 Culture and Ethics in Business MKTG5004 Business Research Methods ELEN2004 Electrical Plant ENEN2000 Engineering Sustainable Development ENGR2000 Fluid Mechanics MATH2012 Engineering Mathematics MCEN2000 Fundamentals of Strength of Materials MCEN2001 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics MCEN2002 Fundamentals of Mechanical Design MCEN2003 Machine Dynamics MCEN2004 Manufacturing Processes MCEN2005 Engineering Graphics MCEN3000 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer MCEN3001 Machine Design MCEN3002 Applied Fluid Mechanics MCEN3003 Competitive Manufacturing Processes MCEN3004 Advanced Strength of Materials MCEN3005 Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibration MCEN3006 Linear Systems and Control MCEN4000 Design For Manufacturing MCEN4001 Industrial Fluid Mechanics MCEN4002 Materials Engineering MCEN4003 Vibration MCEN4004 Heat Transfer MCEN4005 Mechanical Engineering Research Project 1 MCEN4006 Mechanical Engineering Research Project 2 MCEN4008 Finite Element Analysis MCEN4009 Engineering Noise Control MCEN4010 Professional Engineering Practice MCEN4011 Engineering Design Methodology MCEN4012 Sustainable Energy Systems and Technologies MCEN4013 Advanced Refrigeration System Design MCEN4014 Measurement Science and Technology MGMT3000 Engineering Management MXEN4003 Automatic Control MATH2006 Mathematics and Statistics MINE2001 Mining and Metallurgy MINE2002 Mechanics of Solids MINE3009 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining MINE4006 Mine Management PRRE2000 Thermofluids PRRE2002 Metallurgical Processes and Materials Handling PRRE2003 Process Mineralogy PRRE2004 Introduction to Geometallurgy Theory and Practice PRRE3000 Metallurgical Chemistry PRRE3001 Metallurgical Thermodynamics PRRE3003 Metallurgical Laboratory Techniques PRRE3005 Hydrometallurgy PRRE3006 Mineral Processing- Comminution and Separation PRRE3007 Mineral Processing- Flotation and Dewatering PRRE3008 Pyrometallurgy PRRE3009 Process Control PRRE4000 Methods of Metallurgical Research CHEN2004 Process Engineering and Analysis CHEN3000 Process Plant Engineering CHEN3001 Transport Phenomena CHEN3002 Process Modelling and Simulation CHEN3003 Process Synthesis and Design CHEN3004 Mineral Processing CHEN3007 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control CHEN3009 Fluid and Particle Processes CHEN4000 Chemical Engineering Research Project 1 CHEN4002 Chemical Engineering Research Project 2 CHEN4004 Computational Fluid Dynamics CHEN4010 Advanced Thermodynamics and Reactor Engineering CHEN4011 Advanced Modelling and Control CHEN4012 Advanced Separation Processes CHEN4013 Petroleum Processing CHEN4014 Advanced Particle Processes ENEN2000 Engineering Sustainable Development Optional Units to Select from in Year 3 Semester 1 Optional Units to Select from in Year 4 Semester 1 WSEN3001 Wastewater Treatment Processes CHEM1000 Principles and Processes in Chemistry CHEM1002 Reactivity and Function in Chemistry CHEN2000 Process Principles CHEN2001 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CHEN2002 Process Heat Transfer CHEN2003 Process Mass Transfer CHEN3005 Process Instrumentation and Control CHEN3010 Reaction Engineering CHEN4001 Process Safety and Risk Management CHEN4015 Chemical Engineering Design Project CHEN4016 Process Economics and Management ENGR2000 Fluid Mechanics GEOL1001 Resource Geology MINE2001 Mining and Metallurgy MINE3009 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining PRRE2002 Metallurgical Processes and Materials Handling PRRE2003 Process Mineralogy PRRE2004 Introduction to Geometallurgy Theory and Practice PRRE3000 Metallurgical Chemistry PRRE3005 Hydrometallurgy PRRE3006 Mineral Processing- Comminution and Separation PRRE3007 Mineral Processing- Flotation and Dewatering PRRE4001 Process Engineering GEOL1000 Geological Principles MINE2002 Mechanics of Solids PEEN1000 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering PEEN2000 Petrophysics and Reservoir Properties Laboratory PEEN3000 Formation Evaluation PEEN3001 Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals PEEN3002 Petroleum Production Technology PEEN3004 Hydrocarbon Phase Behaviour PEEN3005 Petroleum Geology and Geophysics PEEN3006 Drilling Engineering and Fluids Laboratory PEEN3008 Reservoir Engineering Practices PEEN4000 Crude Oil Processing PEEN4001 Petroleum Economics, Risk and Project Management PEEN4002 Petroleum Engineering Research Project 2 PEEN4003 Advanced Drilling Engineering PEEN4004 Numerical Reservoir Simulation PEEN4006 Petroleum Geomechanics PEEN4010 Petroleum Engineering Research Project 1 PEEN4011 Petroleum Field Development Planning CHEM5002 Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention in Liquids CHEM5003 Corrosion Chemistry CHEN5000 Process Heat Transfer CHEN5005 Mass Transfer Operations CHEN5006 Process Safety and Risk Management CHEN5008 Mineral Processing CHEN5011 Chemical Engineering Design Project CHEN5012 Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Project 1 CHEN5017 Process Plant Engineering CHEN5020 Mass and Energy Balances CHEN5022 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control CHEN5025 Thermodynamics CHEN5035 Advanced Particle Processes CHEN5036 Process Economics and Management CHEN5039 Advanced Separation Processes CHEN5040 Reaction Engineering CHEN5041 Process Instrumentation and Control CHEN5042 Fluid and Particle Processes ENGR5000 Fluid Mechanics WSEN5000 Wastewater Treatment ECON6007 Hydrocarbon Economics and Project Management GEOP6008 Applied Geology and Geophysics PEEN6002 Phase Behaviour and Flow Assurance PEEN6003 Formation Evaluation PEEN6004 Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering PEEN6005 Drilling Engineering Fundamentals PEEN6006 Production Technology PEEN6007 Field Development Planning PEEN6008 Advanced Drilling Practices PEEN6012 Advanced Reservoir Engineering PEEN6013 Well Stimulation Remedial and Intervention Operations PEEN6014 Advanced Numerical Reservoir Simulation PRRE4001 Process Engineering PRRE4002 Metallurgical Engineering Research Project PRRE4003 Metallurgical Process Design PRRE4005 Minerals Engineering SPAT2011 Mine Surveying and Geographic Information Systems


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